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Jayson Helm, PT

I got into physical therapy because I truly enjoy helping people.  After 23 years of clinical practice, that continues to be my passion.  I work with people of all ages and enjoy learning from them as they learn from me.  I enjoy being a part of someone's journey to recovery and enhancing their overall performance in their sport and in their life. 


I believe in a well-rounded approach to treatment and have studied under multiple groups in my continuing education, in order to achieve the best possible results for each individual. These include:

  • International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine

  • Institute of Physical Art

  • The Barral Institute

  • Great Lakes Seminars

  • Therapeutic Systems Incorporated

  • Kinesiotape


  • Mike Reinold - Champion Physical Therapy


I am a Certified Sports Performance Specialist through Mike Reinold’s Champion Physical Therapy.

Jayson's Story

Jayson Helm graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 1999 and has focused on outpatient orthopedics since that time. He works with athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Jayson practiced in Odessa, TX for 7 years. While working in outpatient orthopedic clinics, he served as a member of the physical therapy team for the Odessa Jackalopes hockey team, the Odessa Roughnecks arena football team, the University of Texas Permian Basin, Odessa College, Permian High School, and Odessa High School. Jayson also participated in Saturday outreach clinics, which served local and rural athletes following Friday night football games.

The next phase of Jayson’s journey brought him to Albuquerque, NM, where he and his family have lived since 2006. During his time in Albuquerque, he has worked at the Presbyterian Healthplex. As he continues to practice outpatient orthopedic physical therapy, he strives to find any tool that he can use to help facilitate patients’ recovery, participating in a variety of continuing education courses. Jayson’s one-on-one treatments combine manual therapy with therapeutic exercise in order to facilitate meeting patient’s goals and returning to high-level activity.

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